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The Big Bend and the surrounding area
are now the world's largest
international dark sky reserve.  

Learn to photograph the amazing dark skies
in the Big Bend of Texas.


“ OMG!  Shari is a really great teacher.  She's incredibly patient and explains everything so well.  I can't wait to join in again on another workshop."     - Anne P.

“Amazing to see Big Bend for the first time with an awesome tour guide. I was so happy with my photos and learned so much. I really enjoyed the workshop at Big Bend.  I have been on other workshops where the instructor did not teach these concepts well at all. All the locations were amazing! Thank you so much!"     - Stacy M.

“Shari, you rock!  You scouted out some great locations.  I really appreciate your hard work to make this trip a total success.  I really enjoyed meeting everyone and sharing experiences. I can't wait to do this again."     - David T.

“I really enjoyed chatting with you and listening to your advice. Your workshop was both memorable and exciting.  And it only took me about 5 days to get my sleep patterns back on track!"     - Craig B.

“First of all, Shari, you do not charge enough!  Incredible experience. I want more."     - Stephanie B.

"The workshop was better than I could have imagined. I learned so much before and during the workshop and looking forward to post processing videos etc. Your pre-workshop info was so well written and organized which helped getting ready." - Mary R.

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