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Tools for Planning - Useful when determining the cloud cover for the next 48 hours.
Light Pollution Map - The map for finding dark skies.
The Photographer's Ephemeris - A website and app to help plan your landscape photography. - Reservable campsites in the National Parks & Lands
Big Bend National Park Home Page
Chisos Mountain Lodge - The only lodge in Big Bend National Park
Big Bend Ranch State Park Home Page
Mt. Rainier National Park Home Page
Leave No Trace - The Leave No Trace Center For Outdoor Ethics strives to educate all those who enjoy the outdoors about the nature of their recreational impacts, as well as techniques to prevent and minimize such impacts.
Spot the Station - Spot the International Space Station at your location.


PhotoPIllsA great smart phone application for planning and pre-visualizing landscape and astro-photography shoots
Sky Guide - Visual guide to the sky using augmented reality, find the ISS and other sky objects
Iridium Flares - Get notifications on upcoming iridium flares


Lightroom - Photo editing software.  You can obtain a free trial here.
Photoshop - Photo editing software.  You can obtain a free trial here.
StarStax- StarStaX is a fast multi-platform image stacking and blending software, which is developed primarily for Star Trail Photography.
Starry Landscape Stacker - Used to stack and merge multiple exposure shoots (for noise reduction)
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