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Lodging & Camping

Where and what do you recommend for lodging and camping?

We recommend attendees find lodging in Terlingua or Study Butte area (within miles of each other) and the sooner the better - lodging goes fast this time of year.   We will be meeting mosty near the entrance to the National Park.   We willbe photographing, mostly, in the national park or state park and /or around Terlingua.   Below are a few recommendations for both  lodging & camping.

A quick note about camping & lodging in the area:

I've been traveling to Big Bend area for years.  I've noticed the price of lodging is quite expensive for what you get.  While there are many, many nice places to stay (like $250+ a night), I try to travel on a budget.  If I'm there for photography, I know I will not be enjoying much of the amenities except the ability to sleep and electricity. Otherwise, I am usually out in the park - enjoying the outdoors.  Also, keep in mind that you will most likely want to sleep during the day when attending our workshops (we are up most of the night).  Keep that in mind when you plan to reserve that camping spot right off the Highway or at the large campground -  the campgrounds can be noisy during the days when you want to get some sleep. Another option is to get a hotel for the last night, to get in a few good hours of sleep before you hit the road. 


In the National Park:

  • Chisos Mountain Lodge (the only lodge inside the National Park) - this location is 40 minutes from where we will be meeting.  Good spot to stay during your extra nights!

In Study Butte (closer to our shooting locations and the park):​


In Terlingua:


Keep in mind, if you plan on camping near the heat of summer (even as soon as April it starts heating up), you are usually sleeping in  the day.  If heat prevents you from sleeping well, then I recommend you get a hotel room.  I am unable to sleep when I am camping when it gets close to 84 degrees here.  If you are going to camp, here's what I recommend: 

In the National Park:

  • Highly sought after Basin Campgrounds are well worth it, if you can get a spot.  There are no showers, but one of the best spots to camp (esp. if you do not camp much).  There is a store in walking distance with food as well as bathrooms. Reservations are made at

  • There are two other campgrounds in Big Bend National Park, if you choose to stay at Cottonwood Campground or Rio Grande Village Campground, you will be at least 40 miles from our meeting spot. However, keep in mind, we will be driving all over the park (mostly near Cottonwood Campground) so the miles will add up.  If you had to pick one, I would choose the Cottonwood Campground.

In Study Butte (closer to our meeting locations and the park):


Near Terlingua:

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