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August 10th - 14th, 2023

Four Nights on Mount Rainier National Park

Sold Out

Sold Out

Wildflowers - Alpine Lakes - Tall Trees 
Milky Way - Star Trails - Perseid Meteor Shower 

Join us as we venture into Mount Rainier National Park to photograph one of the most amazing mountains in the United States.

Mt. Rainier stands over 14,000 ft.  In the evenings in late summer, you can see the lights of the climbers starting to ascend the mountain. Watch the Milky Way line up with this magical mountain.

Topics we will cover in the field:

  • Camera settings for night photography 

  • How to focus at night

  • Understanding hyperfocal distance

  • How & when to use hyperfocal distance 

  • How to photograph star trails

  • How to use an intervalometer

  • What is focus stacking and how to focus stack

  • Using PhotoPills to plan your Milky Way shots

  • Using Augmented Reality to plan your photographs

  • How to shoot panoramic pictures in landscape photography

  • How to light paint foreground objects for landscape photography shots

  • Using an ND filter in landscape photography

  • How to photograph waterfalls using long exposure

  • How to make a composite of meteors from multiple images onto one image.


In the classroom:

  • We will have an in-person classroom session for editing photos using Lightroom & Photoshop for post-processing night photography pictures

  • Learn how to post-processing in batches (group photos) in Lightroom

  • Editing photos in Photoshop for general editing, stacking for star trails, stacking for focus, and creating composite and panoramic pictures.

You will also receive:

  • Handouts for tips in post processing during the workshop

  • Videos to help you learn how to post-process our shots and future night shots


We will also spend time photographing the sunsets and nearby waterfalls.  So, bring your ND filters for some long exposures during the daytime.

More Details

  • Attendees are responsible for park entrance fees, lodging, travel to and from the park, and meals.

  • A detailed itinerary will be sent to all attendees approximately one month prior to the workshop (and after the final balance is paid).  

  • Attendees should plan to be in Packwood, WA by 5 pm on Thursday afternoon. The closest airport is the Seattle-Tacoma Airport (SeaTac) south of Seattle, WA.  From SeaTac, Packwood is 2.5 hours away via car.

  • We will meet at 5:00 pm for dinner in Packwood, WA.  Location will be detailed when attendees get sent the itinerary.  The workshop will end Monday morning after twilight starts.

  • This workshop is capped at 8 people.

  • ​Required and recommended equipment can be viewed HERE.

  • Attendees should plan to stay in the town of Packwood - Southeast of Mt. Rainier National Park.  Lodging recommendations and Mount Rainier FAQs can be viewed HERE.

  • Securing your deposit means you have read and agree to the Mount Rainier Workshop Payment and Cancellation Policy.

  • Total workshop cost is $850.  Save for spot with a $250 deposit. You will receive an invoice 97 days prior to the workshop for the final payment. The final payment will be due 90 days before the workshop. Alumni receive 15% off.  This will be reflected in the final payment balance.  

Sold Out

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